Meet the Committee

The Club is run by the General Committee on behalf of its members, Committee members have to be proposed and elected to their positions.

The Club has an overall General Committee, and all Subcommittees report to the General Committee.

Colin Steadman

Colin has been a member for 50 years, he was President 1983/84 and has held the office of Chairman for over 10 years. 

Peter Hucker-Todd

Peter, Joined the club in 1977, this is his 4th time on your committee and also a prominent member of two military Associations within the club. Peter has held various positions until the last AGM when he finally through his hat in the ring to become President. Coming from a military background Peter has been a long supporter of the Principles on which the club was founded almost 100 years ago.

Iain Coombes

Vice President
Iain Coombes became Club Treasurer in mid-2017, and has now moved on to become Vice President. Whist also assisting with the finances

Walter Sayers

Wally took over as Club Secretary 2009 after the loss or the current Secretary Trevor Aris. From 2002 - 2009 he was the deputy Secretary as well as running his own business. Wally believes the current Committee are the best he has worked with - professional people taking the club to a new level.

Jack Smith

Acting Treasurer
Awaiting Bio

Keith Lewis

Social Secretary
Awaiting bio

Alan Bailey

Membership Secretary
Awaiting Bio

Simon Smith

Grounds, Building and Maintenance
Awaiting Bio 

Paul Luchfords

Awaiting Bio
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