Treasure Chest

How It Works


Tickets are sold from behind the bar during the week until and on Friday from 8pm to 10pm. The draw takes place at 10pm Friday evening.


Tickets cost £1 per strip of 5 numbers.


Winner or Nominee must be in attendance at the club when the draw is made.  The Winner receives £25 prize money and the chance to draw a key to open the Treasuer Chest.


Guests may take part in the draw providing a Member has signed them into the Club, however they can only win the maximum of £25 and will not be given the change to draw a key to open the Treasure Chest.


The draw starts with 13 keys.  A winner will draw a key to open the Treasure Chest each week.


When the Treasure Chest is opened the draw will start again the following week with 75% of the previous weeks takings and 13 keys.


If the winner's key does not open the chest, that key will be withdrawn, the same procedure will then take place each week until 3 keys remain.  At this stage 6 keys will be added - making a total of 9 keys in all, which will be drawn until there are only 2 keys remaining.


When 2 keys remain, the winner from the draw is entitled to either be given £25 and an option to either - 


(1) To chose a key, open the chest and take the whole prize on offer (if this option is taken, option 2 will not be available).


(2) Take half the amount shown on the display panel and not open the chest


** A cheque will be given to the winner for the amounts won in option 1 and 2.


Proceeds are allocated as follows:


75% to draw prize

25% to the Club